• BluffBASIC: an interpreter to run BASIC games (including my DOS QBasic games) better and with more ease of use.
    Status:pre-Alpha, low-priority

  • Networkable Role-Playing Game Engine
    • Finished: Networking
    • Current: GUI engine almost finished; Scenario editor
    • To do: Scenario engine and renderer
    Game ideas:
    • Spirit Warrior: a circa 2500 B.C. game.  Biblical fiction--one generation "pre-flood", so as to allow a great degree of artistic freedom--possibly one-world government and Pangea.
    • Attack of the Robots is one of the many game ideas I have and may be marketable.  In this game you must find the central robot underground base and infiltrate it.  The game is intended to have the novelty of being and intentional-"B-Movie"-like video game, complete with philosophical lessons and perhaps pseudo-futurism (i.e. gaudy ray guns).
    • Others: I have various other basic plot outlines. I might create a one of the simpler ones as my first RPG for the purpose of having something playable other than DXMan and my DOS games. The less marketable ideas will probably become free games. Other programs above will become available on my website via paid download, or my digitalwisdom store (provided by cafepress) for hard copy.
If you like any of these ideas, I would appreciate you leaving a note to encourage me to continue on  project or another.  I definitely hope to at least make Spirit Warrior.
Volunteer Work:
  • UFO: Alien Invasion

    A free, open-source turn-based strategy game that uses action points like the X-COM series. I decided to help because I enjoy the game so far and was also glad to get the work experience. I am basically not taking on any more work but I have done some things.
    SourceForge.net Project Page: ufoai
    Writing: research tree (integrating existing and creating new vehicles and objects into a proposed endgame branches of the research tree), and contributed ideas for endgame scenario.
    Original Design: Two Unmanned Ground Vehicles ("UGVs") and Ion Condensor
    Model and Texture for: (original) Triax UGV, (original) Phoenix UGV, Ion Condensor
    Texture and UV-Remapping: Heavy Laser
    Texture for: "panel" (alien workstation), a secret alien unit (spoilers not allowed!), Hovernet (unit/new texture not yet in game?)



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