Final Fantasy VII

This Game is still my favorite Final Fantasy, but I wish Square would do a remake.  Now there are fan-made patches so the game can work in Windows XP with many high-res characters.  And, if you have SBLive or Audigy -- you can actually get the Latin Vocals to work when One-Winged Angel plays.

Click Here for My Best Quality Sound & Graphics Patches Tutorial

Upon beating this game, I really felt as though I had saved the world.  What other game can do that?  In my experience, no other game ending has come close.

  In 2006 I played through it again using the patches in my tutorial above--it looks better than ever.  Hopefully the Higher Resolution FFVIIPC project will get the smooth backgrounds working; another possibility is that Q-Gears will eventually get finished (so far it plays through part of the PlayStation version but without sound or battles).  At least using my tutorial you can get rid of the glitches and most of the low-polygon characters--and, if you use the TV output on your video card like I do, the game and backgrounds look fantastic; since it was designed for playing on TV using PlayStation.

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