Custom Graphics and Sound Patches for Windows 7

Instead of using the old tutorial, now you can use the fan-made Aali's Custom OpenGL driver and higher resolution model & sprite collections (and other various enhancements): Bootleg Configurator downloads any graphics improvements you want (requires that you have already legally installed FF7 PC). There is much still work to be done on the Team Avalanche high-res backgrounds and models, and some do not yet have an automated installation--but the previews of Bombing Mission are nice to look at.
  • This page attempts to be a collection of the most useful information from Qhimm's Forum, but that is still the best place for the most up-to-date information.
  • On Windows 7, to install the game you MUST: put in the disc, close if install window opens automatically, go to Start, Computer, right-click cd, click Browse/Open, click Run As Administrator (if nothing happens try rebooting) then to Maximum Install but do not install any of the old drivers (no directx nor activemovie nor Yamaha XG), just install the game itself with Maximum install.
  • Always install the 1.02 patch so that hardware acceleration works
  • On Windows 7 you must give all users full control of the FF7 folder for game & patches to write to it: Click Start, Computer, Local Disk (C:), Program Files (x86), then right-click Square Soft, Inc, click Properties, then under security Add "Users" and give the group Full Control. (If you use ff7music, you'll have to do the same for C:\ff7music). (source article by Custom PC Solutions)
  • Now you can install basically all the patches you need automatically with FF7 Bootleg Configurator
  • Aali’s Custom graphics driver for FF7/FF8:
    • Don't listen to anyone saying to run the game or configurator as Administrator--instead, give Users full access to the Final Fantasy VII folder (as explained above) then run normally. Otherwise the custom graphics mod may not work properly.
    • After installing, you must set resolution to your monitor's resolution for best quality: open C:\Program Files (x86)\Square Soft, Inc\Final Fantasy VII\ff7_opengl.cfg in notepad. Change the two window_size lines to: window_size_x=1920 and window_size_y=1080 or whatever is the resolution your screen.
    • If all textures are white, change use_shaders line to use_shaders=no
  • FF7 Unified Model Installer
  • Face Palmer: Fractal-scaled backgrounds--download the torrent, or process the script yourself (either way, it requires Aali's Custom Graphics Driver).
  • YAMP (Yet Another Multi Patcher): I recommend MiniGamesPatch (fixes minigame crashes and battle swirtl) NoDialogBoxesPatch (removes box around dialog). Read the instructions carefully on this link and it should work.
  • Play the FMV from your hard drive using FF7MovieDir. You still must copy the movies from each disc to Final Fantasy VII\movies (see Old Tutorial below if you have trouble).

BesideTheVoid's FF7PC Keyboard Stickers

How to download (downloads in full resolution): right-click image, then Save Image As.

How to use:
  • Buy sticker paper & print using IrfanView to be sure it prints correctly (300dpi, 7.83x9.92cm)
    Where to get Sticker Project Paper (it's just a big blank sheet & the back peels off): Staples or other office store (store clerk usually doesn't know it exists) or Amazon
  • To keep ink from wearing off buy Fixitif, shake well :), & spray on key stickers before cutting out.
    Where to get Fixitif: Michaels, A.C. Moore, other craft store, or Amazon.
  • You can clean keyboard with rubbing alcohol & paper towel (sparingly & at your own risk) first so stickers stick better.
  • Cut out each key sticker to size of actual key then peel off backing & apply.

If you want to edit it, I suggest using the layered GIMP XCF project here then click File, Export, & change name to have .png at end (including dot).

For remapping keys: make sure you select the laptop keyboard layout in Bootleg Configurator, which is better. The keys are given in the Bootleg Original ReadMes folder. You can still use this layout but cut down to size of normal keys.

Old Tutorial
What this tutorial uses:
  •     Official 1.02 Patch and other patches (chocobo races crash etc, see forums.qhimm.com
    • Do NOT use the 1.4 patch, it is a slimy hack with problems and edits some windows system file.  It is just a hacked 1.02 patch with the chocobo patch and submarine patch here, which can be found seperately (without 1.4's bugs) at http://forums.qhimm.com/index.php?topic=2670.
  •     NPC Project patch (various custom-created and battle-quality characters for field -- even some important characters such as Lucrecia)
  •     Somedude41's SBLive patch with ORIGINAL PSX LATIN VOCALS
  • Run movies from Hard Drive registry hack (and fix "Palmer Crash" the easy way)
The instructions below using NPC Project patch may be superceded by the "Higher Resolution FFVIIPC" project patch if they get battle textures working and stuff like that.  Also, if they get billinear filtering working, then the game could actually run at high-res with smooth backgrounds! For now, my instructions will do fine and look better any other method.
    --for more on [BETA RELEASE] Higher Resolution FFVIIPC [v1.00]
        see http:http://www.gzanime.net/index.php?gz=dl&name=ff7//forums.qhimm.com/index.php?topic=3203.0

The rest of this tutorial is for people with SB Live and Audigy who want the sound to work, and have the ORIGINAL PSX LIVE LATIN CHOIR in One-Winged Angel (I haven't tested that in the game yet, but I have tested it with the game midis directly inside the game data files).

(note: I will say "<FF7>" to refer to your installation folder, usually "C:\Program Files\Square Soft, Inc\Final Fantasy VII" -- or wherever you installed it.)

  • SB Audigy or SB Live
  • lgptools zip extracted to <FF7> folder (get from ficedula.co.uk, click Homepage, FF7 Programs, lgptools
  • ficedula.dll extracted to <FF7> folder or WINDOWS\System32 folder (get from ficedula.co.uk, on Homepage, click ficedula.dll)

Part 1: Fix FF7 for XP and apply new high-res models:

Apply the Official Patch 1.02 (XP Patch 1.4 is a hack and edits a windows system file, and the 1.5 patch is not real, that is a virus), the chocobo patch, and the submarine patch:
(if any links on this page are broken, just to to forums.qhimm.com and search for the name of the patch)

Apply NPC Project patch - http://stormmedia.aodhosting.cjb.net/npc_project/screen.html
(if link is down you could also try the Reunion patch, available at: http://www.gzanime.net/index.php?gz=dl&name=ff7)
  • highres battle-style models for MANY characters, not just main characters!
  • once you extract all files EXACTLY where they tell you to, and then their patch is finished, you need to re-create char.lgp (they say to do it, but not how):
    • rename your old char.lgp to char.lgp.old
    • Open lgptools
    • Click New
    • import all the files from the folder they had you create
    • save the file as char.lgp and make sure you put it in <FF7>\data\field
    • if you followed his readme exactly, now the high-res models are loaded!

Part 2: Force the Soundfont Midi for SBLive and Audigy:
  • Set FF7Config to general midi
  • Set FF7Config midi output to SB Audigy Synth B (or A) or whatever your sound card is (NOT microsoft mapper)
  • Set FF7Config rendering to Software rendering (if hardware rendering gives you messed up fonts and backgrounds)
    • Software rendering is MUCH better now after installing the NPC Project patch with high-res models.
    • I actually got hardware rendering to work after applying patches, but on some parts of the game it has been known to crash:

  • Install Somedude41's SBLive soundfont patch - http://mywebpages.comcast.net/somedude41/ (has lgp and sf2)
  • Rename midi.lgp to midi.lgp.old
  • Copy his awe.lgp and rename it to midi.lgp, and make sure it is in the <FF7>\data\midi folder (this forces awe midis to load when you choose General MIDI in FF7Config)
  • In SB Soundfont settings--i.e. right-click Audigy 'A' icon on tasktray then click SoundFont, or see Somedude41's ReadmeXP for SBLive instructions (make sure you configure the same midi output chosen in FF7Config--such as 'A' or 'B' if you have an Audigy with multiple midi outputs, or just do both like I did!), load Somedude41's "FF7.sf2" soundfont (test using FF7 Configurator to make sure it's loaded in the proper midi output - you can play the sample midi in FF7Config WHILE you change the soundfont to make sure it worked--you'll notice a big difference if it worked),
  • Test latin vocals (it's a good test, AND fun :) ): Select proper midi output, open midi.lgp using ficedula lgptools, double click the entry named lb2 and wait for choral part (if you don't hear ACTUAL LATIN VOCALS make sure you followed all of the steps above and the Somedude41 Readme file.

    *notify me if one-winged-angel vocals do not appear inside the game, but it seems impossible to fail if they show up in this test.
  • In Sound Blaster EAX settings, choose "Cathedral" (hidden menu top of screen for audigy: click blue box by "I want to" then choose "Select EAX", then in the next blue box choose "Cathedral") -- this make's your midi sound REAL nice and almost like a live (albeit synthesizer) performance.  Sometimes I switch it to "Auditorium" to get a good effect that is less distant/echoey.

YOU'RE READY TO PLAY!  Keep an eye out for the high-res models in various parts of the game!!  You'll first notice CLOUD, BARRET, the guards, and the rest of AVALANCHE all in battle-quality models!

The only way FF7 graphics will be truly great on PC though, is TV OUTPUT!!  Maybe your video card even has this, and all you need is an S-Video to Composite adapter (search eBay).  Then, before I load the game, I go to Display settings in Control Panel and set the TV as my Primary Monitor (and I usually drag that monitor over to the left and drag the icon to that monitor before running it just to be sure, but that may be overkill).

If your video card doesn't have TV Output, you could instead search eBay for a VGA to TV adapter.

I am currently playing through the game using TV Output and software rendering with all the patches above, and I can't describe how much it ROCKS!!!  Everything looks and plays perfectly, and there is no pixelation on the backgrounds.  So...very...beautiful.  I am so glad to be playing it like this (and with all the patches above) the second time through!

Part 3
Run movies from hard drive AND fix Palmer Crash
(You shouldn't have a problem unless you or your computer makes a mistake but do this part at your own risk)
  • Create a folder called C:\Program Files\Square Soft, Inc\Final Fantasy VII\movies
  • Insert Final Fantasy VII CD1, copy all files from the movie folder to C:\Program Files\Square Soft, Inc\Final Fantasy VII\movies
  • repeat for each disk, so all movies from all disks are on your hard drive in the same movies folder
  • Click Start, Run, type regedit, push OK
  • Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Square Soft, Inc.\Final Fantasy VII
  • Double-click on MoviePath and change it from "d:\FF7\Movies\" to C:\Program Files\Square Soft, Inc\Final Fantasy VII\movies\
  • Push OK and close regedit
  • Now fix the crash after fighting Palmer:
    • (NOTE: this trick will make the take-off movie play TWICE instead of playing the landing, which makes some computers crash)
    • Open your new C:\Program Files\Square Soft, Inc\Final Fantasy VII\movies\ folder
    • rename jairofal.avi to jairofal.avi.bak (right-click then click rename, then type the new name)
    • Right-click on jairofly.avi, then click Copy
    • Click Edit, Paste
    • Rename the NEW pasted file named "Copy of jairofly.avi" to "jairofal.avi"
(NOTE: If you want to uninstall this fix later, just delete jairofal.avi and then rename jairofal.avi.bak to jairofal.avi)
This fix works if you get the gaea's cliff crash too--if your game crashes when you make it to the top of the gaea's cliff, just follow the instructions again except with greatpit.avi (instead of jairofal.avi).

Part 4 (OPTIONAL): FF7Music is great, but I do not recommend it.  I recommend that you stop here and enjoy your newly remade Final Fantasy VII like I currently am! 

FF7Music does not synchronize perfectly with the game, and sometimes it will screw up and interfere with the game,  causing a movie to play without sound, or causing you to fight a boss such as the boss of the motorcycle chase without sound. To avoid VERY ANTICLIMACTIC situations like that one, do not follow the instructions below.

If you insist on using FF7Music, It is best to just download a pre-packaged version (search for FF7Music on forums.qhimm.com)--that way you get the ini file which includes all of the memory locations.  I never got the program to work with the instrutions below, probably because the ini file needs that information....

FF7Music Replaces each midi with MP3 automatically (if only I had it working and had the full OST and ripped it to 80 MP3s or whatever)
    -copy FF7Music exe to <FF7>\ficedula or it won't be able to save the INI file
    -copy out_wave.dll and in_mp3.dll from <Winamp>\plugins to <FF7>
    -download all FF7 MP3s
            Bombing Mission
            Fanfare 2
            Shinra Explodes 1 and 2

            -all may need to be cropped from other tracks on the OST that they are mingled in with.
    -rename them using the names of the original midis (for list and description of each, see Idiot's Guide to To FF7Music on forums.qhimm.com for actual titles corresponding to the midi file names)
    -put the mp3s in <FF7>\ficedula
    -Make sure you have "ramping" and "stop" enabled in FF7Music
    -Make sure you choose in_mp3.dll for input and out_wave.dll for output in FF7Music
    -Select  mute midi output, but don't forget to mute midi on soundcard yourself in case it can't!
    -Now use FF7Music to run the game.  It *should* play your mp3s to replace each midi file if you configured FF7Music perfectly.

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