Relentless: Twinsen's Adventure
by Adeline Software

This obscure cult favorite, you travel must escape from prison in order to search out and dethrone Dr. Funfrock, a magician who has turned the planet Twinsun into a tightly-controlled police state. Yes, Dr. Funfrock, that is actually his name. This game is one of the few isometric top-view games with realtime rendering ever made before smartphones. That means it has 2D-backgrounds and 3D characters and always from the same angle. It is actually quite fun and enthralling, despite it's avant-garde design (the addition of headbutting may be what could revive the adventure game genre...). Here is a YouTube Video:

The strange story of the missing sequel:

The sequel, Twinsen's Odyssey, was also a great game. It pushed the limits of it's unique graphics and allowed the player to travel across the game's world, navigating using a spherical map. It even had dune buggies...I could spend hours just riding around!  However, the game was silently recalled from the shelves shortly after it's 1997 release, and the page on Adeline Software's website was removed. My first thought that it was because of not only the occasional bug when talking to people (where you get stuck and must keep pushing cancel as you walk away from them) but also extremely poor packaging (Twinsen riding an aquamarine cartoonish dragon through the clouds). However, I very much enjoyed this sequel, even though my friend is one of the few people who still own it.

Listen to a unique low-tech midi file from the Twinsen's Odyssey setup screen.


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