Warcraft III

It has finally arrived--a great classic Real-Time Strategy game in full 3D.  Warcraft III also includes Role-Playing elements such as character stats and equipment building, so some have called it the first Role-Playing Strategy game.  Warcraft III is head and shoulders above all other 3D strategy games that came before it.  You may add me to your friends list on Battle.net (Azeroth East, TFT) if you want to join me for a round (e-mail me first if I'm not there).   My username is ProtoArmor.

  • My Warcraft 3 RoC&TFT Maps are on many map hosting sites--just Google protoarmor warcraft 3.
  • Please feel free to contribute comments or edit the map, then please e-mail me the map and I'll make sure that you're in the credits.
  • You may even e-mail your version of any of my w3m files.
  • Also e-mail me a Frozen Throne version if you convert one of the maps.
  • I can re-post any files you send and add you to the credits.
  • If you must test your remake of the map online, please put an initial and version number after the original version name (i.e. if you are named AvengerOfPeons, change the map name of your modified version from "Super Mario Arena 1.62" to "AoP's Super Mario Arena"); then I will implement changes on next update if you share editable map and improvements with me.

Crash Derby Arena (RoC)




Super Mario Arena 1.88 maxlevel40 (TFT)


Castle of Sothis (TFT)


Watch Gameplay

Kalimdor Colonies (TFT)


Matrix: Reloaded X Skinned (TFT):
This map is based on last official Krush[LM] version, and has numerous bugfixes!  Other versions are often bugged or stolen and don't credit Krush.


For a gaming experience that will keep you up all hours of the night and keep you from getting anything else done whatsoever, I give this game an A+++ for being too good.  Maybe I'll see you in Azeroth East again sometime, but in moderation.



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