Spaceballs TC

Spaceballs BNE

Spaceballs sounds & ORIGINAL desert graphics
(War2 Battle.net Edition ONLY):


Download WAR2SB1.ZIP (2.66 MB)
and unzip war2patch.mpq to your war2BNE folder (usually C:\Program Files\Blizzard\Warcraft II BattleNet Edition or just C:\Program Files\Warcraft II BattleNet Edition, or wherever you installed the game).

When you start the game, it will have my NEW desert graphics in Wasteland scenarios (these are NOT the cheap lame desert graphics you have wasted your time downloading elsewhere), and the sounds will be from Spaceballs the movie!

War2 Battlenet Edition graphics editing (TC) links:

  • Campaign Creations: Starcraft site with MPQ2k

  • The Infoceptor Welcome: Warcraft graphics editing information

  • Mo'PaQ 2000 - The Official Client of the MPQ API Library

Spaceballs TC
The Conversion
for Classic Edition of Warcraft II

Below Are some Screenshots of my Spaceballs Warcraft II Total Conversion project. (you have to know the game and know the movie to understand, otherwise you are lost). I got this far using Wardraft. My main reason for doing this project is to get rid of the dark morbidness of the game, and add funny morbidness. This TC is very enjoyable.

Download Spaceballs manual-import gfx FULL [NOTE: I will upload this once I find it] (for war2classic, import using Wardraft; for War2BNE import using MPQ editor)

Here's a peak at the changes I've made

Original Graphics

My New Graphics

For more information about Warcraft II visit the maker's web page:

Click here
For more about Spaceballs visit the movie reviews page:
the movie contains language and suggestive comedic scenes. There is an edited for TV version.

Click here

Other Warcraft II links:
Orc Command - Warcraft II Utilities: all the good map editors (link broken, contact if you are the provider of this site)

Camelot Systems: Warcraft II, BNE, and Starcraft graphics/unit editors etc.

Other graphical edits for Warcraft2 Battle.net Edition are available at The Infoceptor.

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