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Members of the Clan (on "the late" Heat.net):

  • BerSERKER19

  • BioCommander

  • deathsorceress

  • DrSmiles

  • ProtoArmor (me)

  • Ashcroft225

  • Symbogie

  • TeddyRuxpin1

What you'll find here: Free PUDs, time synchronization, using colored/special names in multiplayer, cheats, bugs, strategies, and links.


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Setting your clock will help synchronize clan matches.


To use colored names and special letters for multiplayer username.


My Collection of Built-in Cheats and Bugs that you can use:

Here are ALL of the codes for Warcraft II... If you know any more please e-mail me.




 Allowsync----------------------Allows you to surrender in Multi-Player games

 Cosmic-------------------------Unlimited mana

 Day----------------------------Displays "FIEF" on the screen

 Deck me out--------------------Gives you all the weapon/armor upgrades

 Disco--------------------------Plays Hidden Music track (Expansion set required)

 Every little thing she does----Gives you all spell upgrades

 Fastdemo-----------------------Speeds up the demo screen at the main menu

 Glittering prizes--------------Gives each player 10000 Gold, 5000 Lumber, 5000 oil

 Hatchet, Axe, or Saw-----------Trees can be cut down with only two chops

 It is a good day to die--------Makes your units ultra-powerful

 Make it so---------------------Speeds up your building and unit production

 Netprof------------------------Makes a laser show in the background

 Never a Winner-----------------Removes victory.

 Noglues------------------------Disable Magical Traps (runes, etc.)

 On screen----------------------Shows you the whole battlefield

 Showpath-----------------------Shows you the whole battlefield but only on the big map

 Swapmask-----------------------Switches Fog of War On and Off

 Tigerlily----------------------Enables level jumping. Then use human xx and orc
                                xx to jump levels where xx is the level you want to go to.

 There can be only one----------Takes you to the campaign victory sequence

 Title--------------------------Enables and Disables Cheats-other unknown effects+speed

 Tombstone----------------------Stop Orc traps

 Unite the clans----------------Instant Victory

 UCLA---------------------------Displays the text "Go Bruins"

 Valdez, Texas or Spycob--------Adds 5000 oil to your stock

 You Pitiful Worms--------------Instant Defeat


WARCRAFT 2 BUGS you can use strategically!

Lumber/Gold Gaining Bugs!
If you take a few hits on a tree with a peon, then build your town hall you get 100 extra lumber! All you have to do is click on the trees. You don't even have to take 1 chop. This works for any Town Hall you build! If you do the same thing with a Lumber mill you get 125 extra lumber! This could really be important in a game with Low Resources, so be sure to do these lumber gaining tricks if you don't want to fall behind. This also works with gold. However Lumber is way more important especially with Low Resources. These are a MUST with Low Resources.

Unable to Create More Units:
If you have been playing some big Warcraft 2 games like 8 player or even 5 player you have probably ran into the message "Unable to Create More Units". There is a 600 unit limit, divided evenly between all the players. This includes buildings. For example, in a 6 player game, you have a 100 units per person limit. Kill someone off, and everyone's limit jumps to 120, and so forth. This is not a bug, problem, or anything else. It's a fact of life. It's probably a performance issue.

The Skeleton/Transport Bug:
If you make skeletons and leave them on a transport until they die, the next units/buildings made (yours or the enemies) will go to the transport. This is great for putting a barracks and several mages on their shore.
from http://www.stals.com/war2/

Critter bomb:
Click rapidly on Critter for 10 sec. and it should explode!


Warcraft 2 Links

Sega's www.heat.net for online gaming


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