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Armory of Faith:
Our Puds, updated 4/18/1999

  • E-mail me if you have any clan PUDs to add!
  • Unzip to your war2 folder -- if you don't have Winzip or another zip program, go to www.winzip.com to get winzip.
  • If you have the expansion set, unzip to war2/puds/aof to organize them better.
  • ProtoArmor puds -Updated 5/3/1999- click here for pa.zip or download separately:

    • 4LEAVES - One big Island with roomy peninsulas (4 player)

    • BIGFOUR.PUD - Land, sea and air - may want to use default units. (4 player)

    • NOWHERE8.PUD - Nowhere to run nowhere to hide, with more players. (8 player)

    • PACMAN - A fun pud: an island shaped like pacman. (2 player)

    • SEALOVER - Another pud for sea lovers (3 player)

    • SPINERET - Water-laced pud with 16 sections (counting tree divisions), keleidoscope symmetry (8 player)

  • Quartermaster puds - Updated 5/3/1999

    • MEGIDO.PUD - Armageddon in the Valley of Megido, Warcraft II style. (8 player)

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