status: low-priority

  • Download: Click on the current DXMan version on the Download page then choose Open or Run, double click "Setup/install DXMan...".  Run the game using the start menu, or Desktop icon if you checked "Create Desktop icon".  Win98/ME users can use 7-zip (exe 32-bit) to unzip the download first.

  • Troubleshooting

    • Window vanishing: Try turning off music to save memory.  Click Start, All Programs, DXMan, Settings, change music=yes to music=no, save, restart DXMan.  Also, after you lose all 3 lives, you should restart the game to reduce occurrances of this problem. Also make sure that DXMan is not already open--to make sure, push CTRL+ALT+Del and End Task on any process image named "DXMan.exe"



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