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QJak Entertainment Pack


  • Run the 1.Setup for WinXP file and you will have a new icon on your desktop.

Contains QJak plus SuperMegaBreak

This program "suite" was made entirely in QBasic 1.1. It contains five programs total.

256BLOCK: Lets you browse the default palette of QBASIC. It is especially useful for QBASIC programmers or people who like to look at shiny colors.

JakDraw: lets you draw and save images in DOS in BAS format.

Tech notes: The format for saved images is BAS. File extensions are BA1, BA2, BA3, BA4 to overcome limits of QBasic 1.1.

JakSound: lets you create and save sounds (pc speaker tones) by changing pitch bars and speed with the mouse. As of 2007/08/09 you can even choose a scale and mode and the ‘#’ symbol will show you which notes are out of tune! [edit 2007-10-05] This is a work in progress, so modes and keys are not formulated correctly.  The new version is almost finished. [end edit]

Spheroid: In this game you are a minesweeper in a protective sphere. You have to get close enough to the mines to press enter and destroy them--the trick is, you cannot stop moving because the sphere does not have brakes.
SuperMegaBreak: This bonus program has a separate icon not on the QJak Menu. It is a breakout clone with a mock-3d paddle. Hopefully you'll be fast enough!



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